SCIENTIFIC Committee led by Alessio Pini Prato

Wim Van Gemert
Markus Almstrom
Kristiina Kyrklund
Andrea Conforti

Its tasks will be essentially the following:

  1. Help the local organizer of the Annual Congress in the scientific organization, the selection of abstracts, ...

  2. Stimulate members in order to publish their work. The idea is to help you practically (design, correction of English, ...) and even try to find an arrangement with some revues.

  3. Organize, on behalf of ESPES, studies, prospective or randomized trials ...



EDUCATIONAL Committee led by Isabela Draghici

Erwin Van Der Veken
Jean Breaud
Joao Moreira Pinto
Ashok Daya Ram

Its tasks will be essentially the following:

  1. Endorse courses, workshops, if they follow the rules and need for exellence of the ESPES

  2. Publish practical guidelines, parents information letters, ... every material that members should be able to use in their own practice if they want

  3. Put together learning courses in MIS (pre-congress program), on line exercises. ...


VIDEO Committee

VIDEO Committee led by Jozef Babala

Dariusz Patkowski
Stefan Gfroerer
Peter Etlinger

Its tasks will be essentially the following:

  1. Publish on the website videos from experts describing how they do MIS operations. Only videos of very high quality will be published.

  2. Ask members to send some short videos about refinement of the technics, other methods, personal tips and tricks, ... that will beadded to the “main“ video.

  3. Publish videos about very new things.